How do I Start Dressing Sustainable?

Sustainability What?

It seems like everyone is on the bandwagon these days throwing around words like “sustainable” “ethical” “vegan” “organic”… but what the heck is this actually about? As millennials have we just decided the planet is doomed so we have to become hippies to solve world hunger and establish world peace?

Can we just calm down for a second- I'm not here to guilt trip you into buying into our business or becoming super humans… To me sustainably is thinking about more than just ME. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own worlds but our lives are caught up in others lives and we’re all somehow interconnected. It’s about doing what you can TODAY to be considerate to the world we live in.

How has this got anything to do with fashion?

I don’t mean to be depressing, but we produce a huge amount of waste, especially in the fashion industry! The Australian Bureau of Statistics figures indicate about 500,000 tonnes of leather and textiles are discarded each year. While 80% of Australia's new textiles end up in landfills annually. We’re somehow hoodwinked into the notion that we NEED more and NEED new! Why is it that if we don’t have that new dress (that’s slightly different to the old dress) we’re embarrassed to flaunt our outfit on a Saturday night? It’s SO easy to get caught up in this hype, but can we just want to slow down for a sec (yes, it’s ok to slow down!).

I’ve worked in the fashion industry for years and have seen trends come and go and somehow amongst the large production of everchanging mainstream textiles, the quality of our clothes have become poorer and poorer.

Help me... practically!

How I dress sustainably is by buying clothes that are made well with good materials and styles that aren’t seasonal (normally minimalist or classic styles). I find it so frustrating spending money on the latest style then next season it looks trashy! This forced me to stop looking at what everyone else is wearing and actually think about what I thought looked cool. Turing to thrift shops and making my own clothes was something that helped me dress outside the box. The funny thing is whenever I wear something random I threw together or upcycled I ALWAYS get more compliments than if I was wearing a chain retail item.

It’s the same principle with our food and stuff! I love going to thrift shops for furniture at the moment but also in the process of supplementing all my STUFF with sustainable brands. Here are some sustainable brands that I’m in love with at the moment (that don’t cost a billion dollars).

DRESS - The Great Beyond 

SKIN CARE - Good & Clean

STUFF - Keep Cup

Remember-  we don’t have to solve the problem of mass waste today, but we can make a little change. Then, over time, all those little changes turn into BIG change! I hope this inspired you to do your part.

Char x